IP Virtual Private Network (IP VPN)

NecocomISP’s (NTC) IP Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) can be integrated with various modes of access (including MPLS and Global Internet) into a single, centrally managed global network which enables businesses to connect multiple office locations easily and seamlessly while operating in a cost-effective and high security network infrastructure. This allows businesses to reduce the complexity in their network and receive greater bandwidth efficiencies for their business operations.

Many businesses are starting to adopt cloud and unified communication (UC) services in their business operations as these services can greatly improve employee’s productivity and help teams collaborate better around the world even in remote locations, which reduces the company's operational costs. However, cloud and UC services poses high risk to the security of company's data as these information are transmitted over the public internet. With IP VPN, it helps to provide a high security layer for the employees to use the cloud and UC services and protects the company’s network.

Key Benefits

Cost Effective

Can be integrated with various modes of access (including MPLS & Global Internet) into a single, centrally managed global hybrid VPN network

High Security

Delivers high levels of security in the network core, infrastructure, management & operation. End-to-end traffic is fully encrypted and optimized for secure & high performance.

High Scalability

Provides greater flexibility on the management of IP traffic or data packets between multiple sites

Full Visibility & Control

Full real-time visibility and control over the end-to-end IP VPN network performance including application usage

Premium 24/7 Customer Support

Receive 24/7 premium customer support with your dedicated business account representative and our technical support specialists

How It Works

Streamlines businesses by consolidating and simplifying operations into a single network

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