Our Vision

Data Centre

NTC is establishing a Data Centre comply with ANSI TIA942 Tier 2+ (upgradable to Tier 3) standard in Phnom Penh office which can host over 100 racks with total of 800kVA power. Data Centre targeted to launch service in Q1 2014.

Three-Years Business Plan – Domestic Market in Cambodia

1. Network Coverage

  • Target to expand domestic fibre network covering 90% of major Cities in Cambodia
  • Expand fibre coverage by own build fibre acquire dark fibreco-operation with dark fibre providers

2. Focus Markets

  • Carriers and Major Corporations in Cambodia
  • Target Carrier Customers: Smart, Beeline, QB, Excell, Online, MekongNet, Emaxx, Chuanwei, Digi, Wicam..etc
  • Establish strategic alliance with content providers
  • Target Corporate Customer: Mainly Banking, Factories within Special Industrial or Economic Zone and Gaming companies within Cambodia
  • Providing cost effective, added value and turnkey solution
  • Control quality above market standard

3. Products offering

  •  Bundling domestic and int’l services to the Carrier market in Cambodia including DPLC, Colocation, Disaster Recovery IPTX, IPLC/IEPL
  • Gradually, penetrate into Corporate Market thru bundling and packaging domestic/international telecom services with Data Centre and Cloud services
  • Located appropriate location to build and construct the 2nd Data Centre in Phnom Penh once the utilization of the 1st Data Centre Reach 60%
  • The 2nd Data Centre can host around 500 racks which is designed with Tier2+ and upgradable to Tier3 standard
  • Will position our data centre as:
  • Major carrier hotel in Cambodia
  • Major interconnection site for local/int’l Mobile Operators
  • Major pop for local and int’l content providers
  • Bundle local loop, domestic bandwidth, int’l bandwidth aggregate & cross-connection
  • Partner with Cloud Service Application Providers to launch Cloud services for carrier and enterprise markets
3-Years Business Plan – International Market for Cambodia and Mekong Region to enhance Cambodia as one of the major hub for Mekong Sub-region and establish NTC as the 1st carrier choice for int’l carriers requirement to Cambodia and Mekong Regional

Ways to achieve the goal:

1. Network Expansion
  • New fibre connection
  • Expand Network to cover Laos
  • Expand Network connection to Myanmar via Thailand
  • Explore, new diversified fibre paths to bring down cost and more fibre choice for customer
  • Alternate fibre paths via Vietnam to HK (APG cable)
  • From BKK via Malaysia to Singapore (SJC cable to HK)
  • From BKK via Malaysia to HK (APCN2 cable to HK)
2. Strategy to keep Fibre Highway network cost at competitive level
  • Bring in more Vietnam Carriers to provide Vietnam backhaul
  • Deploy AAG as main cable route to HK before APG is launching
  • Deploy APG and AAG as main and diversity cable routes to bring down the high SMW3 costs from Vietnam portion
  • Aggregate int’l bandwidth capacity from Thailand, Cambodia and Laos to get buck discount on transit costs in Vietnam and Malaysia
3. Highly differentiate NTC Int’l Products
  • Products with best price and good quality are major successful factors
  • Highly differentiate our products by providing tailor made solution to our carrier and corporate customers
  • Bundling Domestic/Int’l Bandwidth, Data Centre, Local loop, Managed Equipment, Local Support and Telecom License to provide turnkey solution
  • Position NTC Data Centre as 1st choice for local/int’l fixed/mobile carriers
  • content providers
  • enterprise
NTC needs to search for a strategic partners that have the similar vision with available resources, well establish knowledge and know how in technology and logistic in supporting NTC domestic and int’l network expansion together with Data Centre and cloud services business development.