NTC owns and operates by a Cambodia conglomerate company together with experience telecom professionals. The company owns the self-built fiber-optic network. NTC also deploying DWDM technology in operating the network in Cambodia, Thailand & Vietnam as well as specialize in delivering high-quality of Data, IP and Voice solutions in the region.

  • Established in 2005. NTC was registered in the Kingdom of Cambodia with 100% shares owned by Hong Kong Holding Company, NTC Asia Limited. Initially, we offered hubbing services in cooperation with the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications in Cambodia.
  • Diversified its offerings by establishing an ISP and building fiber transmission infrastructure under licenses from the government. This enabled the company to grow within a Kingdom lacking sufficient Telecom Infrastructure. It has very low market penetration.
  • Digressed from the retail market to focus on the wholesale market in January 2011. Established itself as the premier Internet and Transmission wholesaler in Cambodia. Leveraged its position at the Cambodian Fiber Highway Alliance member to enhance its domestic and international markets.